Is this Program for me?

Now that you are selected to Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine, you may wonder if this new program is suitable for you…

You may be a bit confused and cannot make a decision right away…

Spend some time answering the following questionnaire…

 If you answer YES to most if not all of them, then the EMP is a suitable program for you

Remember that in the EMP we are only looking for ambitious candidates who are willing to assume the responsibility of their learning experience as adults.

Knowledge and experience will not be spoon-fed but will be gained through a process of participatory learning that demands and active participation on your part.

Instructors are NOT teachers but are there to facilitate your learning experience

Yes No ??
1- What is your preferred learning style?
Being shown how to do something, and then trying it myself with some supervision
Researching and reading, theorizing and discussing
A mix of being shown how to do something, trying it out, and talking to someone who has done it
Working with others on the same problem – I don’t like going it alone
Finding information on the Internet at a time and place that suits me, so learning can fit in with my lifestyle
2-Where do you prefer to learn?
Outside, doing practical things with an end result that I can see
In libraries, lecture theatres and places where I can discuss, read and research ideas
In a relaxed environment with lots of discussion, where I can ask the teacher when I need help or guidance
In a family – friendly environment where I can learn from other’s life experiences
At my laptop or home computer, in an environment and at a time that suits me
3- What kind of people do you want to teach you?
People who are there to show me what I need to learn, when I need to learn it
Experts in the field, who have studied and researched the topic
Experienced people , who communicate in creative ways
People who I can ask questions of, but who generally leave me to manage my learning in my own time
People who relate to me and share their knowledge, experience and culture
4- What kind of assessment suits you best?
I like to show what I can do through demonstrations of practical know-how and skills
I like to be trained on the type of exams before taking it
I like to be observed over time or keep a portfolio, rather than have one moment of assessment, which I could stuff up!
I like to be sure that I am assessed the way I am taught
I like to be assessed through a mixture of practical, written and creative work assignments
I like to pass assessments that enable me to score high in exams such as the USMLE or PLAB test
5- What kind of physician do you want to become after graduation
An excellent clinician equipped with knowledge and skills
A lifelong learner who inquires and searches for evidence based answers
A physician with administrative skills that permit him to compete and excel
A physician who values the life of his patients and consider them as partners
A physician equipped with the necessary tools and trained for research